Our unfussy, rustic dishes are intended to be shared and served as soon as they are prepared, unlike timed entrées for each individual. We love a casual, convivial atmosphere where you can order dishes “for the table”, as much, or as little as you like, and experience the food in a communal way. We hope you enjoy this unstructured way of eating as much as we do!


happy hour
avocado fries & chipotle sauce 6.3
bacon & cheese stuffed jalapeños 6.8
queso fundido & soft tortillas 8.4
pint of the day 5.3
wine of the day red and white 5.3
any well drink 5.3

dry rub house-smoked wild boar ribs (market availability) 9.8
asian fried chicken w ginger soy dipping sauce 8.9
maple leaf farms smoked tea duck breast 13.6
pulled pork tacos 10.5
bulgogi beef tacos 13.1
gorgonzola cream chicken 13.1
lamb meatballs & sumac hummus 14.7
pork belly & kimchi 15.2
country natural hanger steak* & daikon/shiso 18.4
country natural beef short ribs w malbec glaze (14oz) 20.4

oysters on half shell (1/2 doz) 15.7
coconut lemon-ginger ceviche 13.1
yellowfin tuna carpaccio 15.2
beer-steamed manila clams garlic basil 14.1
seven spice shrimp 15.2
bacon lemon scallops frizzle-kale 18.4
local albacore grilled fish tacos 14.1

gruyère emmentaler beet gratin 12.1
wilted baby kale spinach salad 13.1
chola batura 9.9
miso-glazed roasted vegetables 11
butter lettuce pomegranate goat cheese 11
broccoli blasted 10.5
blistered shishito peppers 7.3
burrata arugula salad figs walnuts 12
spanish fried olives & romesco 8.9

pear and gorgonzola 11
prosciutto and béchamel 11
eggplant fenugreek grape tomatoes 11
fennel sausage dandelion greens 11
housemade tarragon garlic bread 4.2

cacao nib mousse tort 9.9
maker’s mark bread pudding 9.9
frozen custard brandied cherries theo dark chocolate 7.4
rhubarb upside-down cake raspberry coulis & cream 9.4